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Need someone who can upgrade my MyBB forum to the latest version (Paid job)
(2012-07-12, 02:58 AM)brad-t Wrote: I'm just saying that is a lot of activity for such few members.

(2012-07-12, 02:23 AM)Omar G. Wrote: That only demonstrates how content is far important that any theme you use.

Or how many members you have. Smile I belong to a community of 35 and we've got 150,000 posts as well.
The JRPG Club: Video game reviews, resources and discussion for Japanese learners.
We moved over from FreeForums in 2010. If we add the total post from both forums, it's over 460K.

Sorry for posting in old thread.
The forum shows that much users online because the owner have increased the who is online time to 2 hours which will be only 50-60 users active in last 15 minutes. If i increase the time to 2 hrs in my forum it will show lots of users online, may be 500+.
Cool story bro.

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