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Not Solved need help in adding link prefix of my forum
Not Solved
I have a forum and many users copy-paste content to other website..
I want a link prefix of all the url posted in my website..

if someone posted this ur:-

than it will automatically becomes:-

how to do this?

actually the urls posted by users are of shopping websites and i want the aff links to get merged in that single coding only
Not Solved
First of all wrong forum. Now I've reported so staff could move it to proper section.

It needs a plugin.
Not Solved
which plugin??
i will download..

please give me the link
Not Solved
Actually there two ways to achieve this. One and the best method is to code a plugin, however you could do this with Word Filter as well.

AdminCP > Configuration > Word Filters > and add it like this;

Add in "Word" option field.
Add in "Replacement" option field.

Now when your users post: , it will automatically replace to:

But as I said its not an efficient way since if users post slightly different URL like: then will not replaces to the other. That's why plugin is more suitable, but since there is no such plugin available (as far as I searched) you've to hire someone to code it for you.

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