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Not Solved i want put code j script where
Not Solved
how i put code j script it is for central download pic & flash

i have code but where put this j script for members

if how opening page new in forum

please i want any answer Rolleyes
Not Solved
I'm not sure if I'm in a position to give the "answer" since the "question" passes straight over to my head.

Could you please re-phrase the question or try to explain it a bit more or post any screenshot exactly what you want ?
Not Solved
The question doesn't appear to make sense. Have you the code for something and don't know where to put it?

You need to upload any script files and then add the code to your theme templates.
Not Solved
i want put code this

<script src="" type="text/javascript" language="javascript"></script>
Not Solved
And you want to show it to registered users and not to show to guests, right ?
Not Solved
no problem

thank u
Not Solved
So the problem is solved now?
Not Solved
ok where is answer?

Not Solved
Add the code in headerinclude template.
Not Solved
Thank u

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