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Not Solved Change GID's
Not Solved
Hi, is there a way to change these around, without editing them all (settings wise) to what I want?
I was hoping to set them from "most powerful" to least...
Any ideas?

This is what I have, for example, admin at the top is what I want.

[Image: Nu85e.png]

Not Solved
There is a "order" option in the same page. You've to reorder them according to your needs.
Not Solved

Any idea? xD
Is there some type of SQL Query that can do it?

Not Solved
The "Order" appears to those usergroups which are ticked to show on Forum Team. Try to tick all of these usergroups to show them on Forum's Team page, and then Reorder them in AdminCP > Users and Groups > Groups main page.

After re-ordering, untick the "Yes, show this group on the 'forum team' page" again.
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