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Register and post random message
my situation is particular.
I have a free account somewhere and I make a sub-domain for prepare a web site. In this web site I add a forum linked to the site. I buy a domain to an other provider for this site then I transfer all my web site under the new domain. because new domain have more space I make a sub-domain for create the page before publish in production site. In the sub-domain I create an other forum for test purpose.
In the production forum that is ranked in google i see some strange account:
1) All strange user end with *Web
2) all mail is (we are Italian and all mail is Italian)
3) In where you live they write always ATI.
They never write a post and never replay to a private msg then I ban all of they but every 1 or 2 week a new account was create.
Then for security I move the Admin directory to a new name.
I install a fake admin directory. I Insert a question for be sure is human.
Nothing change a new account was create.

After 2 month from the first forum was create I go to close it, because is old test.
I found 2500 people account and 400 threads create. Huh
Then I go to see what they write and I don't understand it because the write is half Polish half english.
I understand that the threads is not useful alone. I think they use a system for use the space of the forum for their web page.
I search their IP and i discover that they came from all the world, I think is zombie machine.
Then I close the forum and change the pw of the config.ini for be sure they can't continue to use.
After 1 month from the creation of the new test I watch it and 4 user is registered and 2 threads were created.

Now my problem is production site I understand they found on internet and use it, but test forum? I never use and never give to someone the address, how they found the address?

mybb site save a list of all installed forum?
Someone have an explanation?
Someone know a way to avoid the registration of that user?
Someone happen the same thing?

This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
They are just spam bots. Ignore them and put some register questions on to block them.
I did that but they continue to register itself.


I discover one thing.
2 spam user register one 20 and one 22 after i insert the security question and never one of they is in security question stat.

It is possible that they use an other why to register theirself? It mean a mode where they don't insert security question?


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