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Need Custom Banner - Easy request - $ is required
I am needing a banner for a site I am making which will be using the MyBB software. It should be a fairly easy quick thing to do. I can pay via Moneybookers if required but I won't be paying anything over $5 USD as it's a very basic quick request. Width is roughly how I want it but can be smaller or a little bigger depending on how the graphic looks but it must be 60px in height.

Type of Image (e.g Avatar, Signature, etc): Banner
Text on The Image (e.g Hi, Why?, etc): Jungle Paradise
Font for the text:
Images on The Image:
Image Colour Scheme: Green transparent
Image Size (e.g 90x90, 80x80, etc): 400x60px
Image Animations (e.g I'd like this animation, etc): no
Image Side Notes (Anything else you'd like to add): n/a
Kindly PM me if this service is still available ?
I will do it for you Smile
Sorry but it's been done. I now have a graphic designer for the site Smile

But thanks for taking up the offer anyway.
Closed by request.
No longer involved in the MyBB project.

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