[REQ] Solve Media Captcha Plugin

I have come across a company called Solve Media, they offer a captcha that looks alot better than recaptcha etc. and they pay when it has been used. I would like to use this on my forum instead of recaptcha as some if not most of their captcha's are un-readable.

The website is solvemedia.com and they do offer Keys for it to be integrated into your site.

Below is a screenshot of one of their captcha's

[Image: 6xndm.jpg]

They offer a integration documentation located at http://portal.solvemedia.com/portal/help...3VrdedfsPZ when you are logged in.

Please disregard this request as I have just found out they already offer a plugin http://portal.solvemedia.com/portal/help/pub/mybb/
I reakon there needs to be an updated plugin made for v1.8.x by a 3rd Party Developer, as SolveMedia still use the original 1.6 plugin...

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