/me thread
* Kolton T. just saw Mission Impossible
* Jason L. is cocky

* Jason L. has been coding the same thing for the past 16 1/2 hours.
* Nathan Malcolm is going to spend the day trawling through MyBB to find bugs.

* Nathan Malcolm states it's 5AM and he's already found four [Issue #1863], [Issue #1864], [Issue #1865], [Issue #1866].
No longer involved in the MyBB project.
* Dragon_Void is going to spend the day trolling
* Dragon_Void loves trolling
* Dragon_Void doesn't troll here though
* lucasbytegenius is sitting out in the cold, typing this on an iPad, while waiting for iOS 5 to download.
* Alex Smith wonders why lucas is in the cold to do this....
* lucasbytegenius is staying at a friend's trailer and he gets better wifi outside in the cold.
* lucasbytegenius has moved to the washroom though which is better.
* lucasbytegenius likes the iPad.
* Kolton T. is trolling people on minecraft
* Odin A. finds the /me thread to be almost a social networking site.

* Odin A. is thinking of going laptop shopping after the holidays.
* Odin A. would like suggestions with a $500-$600 cap.
* wethegreenpeople is going to make a website/day of the year
* wethegreenpeople shall call it hugyourneighbor.com/day

* wethegreenpeople says this will encourage people to be friendly, and nice to their neighbors by giving them hugs/handshakes/fist bumps/what ever

* wethegreenpeople will help humanity one hug at a time

* wethegreenpeople will create hug competitions.

* wethegreenpeople wonders if any one likes this idea. Big Grin

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