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/me thread
(2011-12-27, 01:58 AM)Dennis Tsang Wrote: * Dennis Tsang stands on the podium and wishes everyone a belated Merry Christmas.

* Nathan Malcolm has noticed Dennis has been very active over the last few days.

* Nathan Malcolm wonders if Dennis just got bored. Toungue
No longer involved in the MyBB project.
* lucasbytegenius murders Dennis.
* Dennis Tsang stands on the podium and declares himself alive!
Dennis Tsang
Former MyBB Team Member
* Kolton T. takes the podium from Dennis
* Alex597 steals the podium and throws it in a wood chipper. There no more Toungue

* Alex597 hates firewalls :\
* lucasbytegenius murders Alex.
* lucasbytegenius makes to sure to send Alex through his own wood chipper.
* lucasbytegenius then runs him through a second, third, and fourth time.
* lucasbytegenius collects what's left of Alex and fries it for breakfast.

* lucasbytegenius timeshifts Dennis to the end of the world.
* Dragon_Void sniffs
* Dragon_Void states that he smells Wood and human flesh
* Dragon_Void goes and pukes
* Odin A. enjoys "working" for Paul H.
* Odin A. likes the people on Hero of Time.
* Paul H. says alot of people on Hero of Time are homeschooled, including the other admin
-Paul H.

Cogisne lingua latina?
* Odin A. says, yay, I love homeschoolers.
* Odin A. likes the way they think.
* Odin A. says if he could do marching band and tech club, he would have stayed homeschooled, no doubt about it.

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