/me thread
* Paul H. is approaching 3,000 posts
* Paul H. has 123 rep
-Paul H.

Cogisne lingua latina?
* Lo. wrote 2,300 words of a story.

* Lo. says that's just the prelouge.

* Lo. asks if that's too much.
I'm not here often, shoot a PM or whatever if you want my discord.
* Dragon_Void just came across a YII application
* Dragon_Void is learning from it
* Dragon_Void links to www[dot]x2engine[dot]com
* Dragon_Void just gets errors now
* TheGarfield is mad at people posting their wishlist on the Dev site http://dev.mybb.com/issues/1905

* TheGarfield slaps someone around a bit with a large trout.
Rasmus Lerdorf Wrote:If eval() is the answer, you're almost certainly asking the wrong question. - Rasmus Lerdorf
* Ryan Loos fixed that issue on the Dev site. :>
* Nathan Malcolm saw that earlier (Instant email on each dev site action)

* Nathan Malcolm couldn't be bothered to reject it at the time.

* Nathan Malcolm chuckles are the ridiculous amount of bugs he's reported.

* Nathan Malcolm won't be here for the rest of the week. Sad
No longer involved in the MyBB project.
* Yaldaram is very excited! Big Grin
* Yaldaram got his Masters degree today Big Grin
* Yaldaram thanks for those who wished him Smile

* Yaldaram says, "Thank You Guys! I Heart U". Smile
* Tom K. congratulates yaldaram Smile
* Tom K. has nearly finished the vtfm staff login Toungue
* Dragon_Void hates Chrome
* Dragon_Void congratulates yaldaram
* Dragon_Void swears a Chrome
* Tom K. has finished the vtfm login Smile
* Tom K. likes his work Toungue
* Tom K. states it was easy, but is very effective Smile

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