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/me thread
(2012-02-02, 09:07 PM)Imad Jomaa Wrote: * Imad Jomaa states that it's possible to create one that will never lose.

* Tom K. states that is true Smile
* Tom K. also states that is what his "Expert" AI will do, by comparing all possible moves, it will determine which is most likely to lead to victory, thus can never lose,only draw
* Tom K. states his "intermediate AI" is pretty good, it slaughters the novice and beginner AIs Toungue
* Imad Jomaa states that "most likely" doesn't mean "it will." Toungue
* Tom K. states of it is coded correctly it will never lose, just win or draw Smile
* Jammerx2 can always win or draw in tic tac toe, so a computer definitely could.
* Ryan Loos remembers when his brother and one of his uni friends made Connect 4, and couldn't ever beat the AI. Toungue
* Jammerx2 just did a speedtest.
* Jammerx2 likes the results.
* Jammerx2 wonders what 12% of Canadian users have speeds faster than me.
* Scoutie44 shoots at the chest area, hits nothing
* Scoutie44 shoots at feet, kill. every. time.
* Scoutie44 does not comprehend BF3
good u
* Ryan Loos just got his internet 'upgraded' this morning.
* Ryan Loos is happy, but could be happier. :<
* Lo. is using Dragon NaturallySpeaking to type this.
I'm not here often, shoot a PM or whatever if you want my discord.
* Imad Jomaa states that this is the l337 page (assuming you have the default setting for number of posts per page)

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