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* lucasbytegenius saw Tom's antitrust thread.
* lucasbytegenius is grabbed his popcorn and leaned back as the forces of White and Green raged with chainsaws.
* Jordan L. is taking the day off school.
* Jordan L. says because he can.
* lucasbytegenius has over 12,000 tweets.
* Jordan L. made a new avatar.
* Jordan L. took literally 2 minutes.
* Jordan L. had no idea what to do.
* Jordan L. said circles are cool.
* Nathan Malcolm states it looks like a button.
No longer involved in the MyBB project.
* Lo. hates Google Sketch up.

* Lo. wonders why he is doing an assignment in it.
I'm not here often, shoot a PM or whatever if you want my discord.
* Ryan Loos spends way too much time helping other people in his life.
* Jordan L. asks Ryan if he can help with his maths homework.
* Ryan Loos has recently helped people:
- move a bookshelf from their home to an office on a trailer, which then had to be carried up a few flights of stairs (it was also quite hot that day Sad)
- go shopping for a camping trip that he isn't attending
- find out what a switch in their car was wired up to do (nothing)
- detail their car
- with their full time, paid job, which required some PHP/MySQL work that they don't understand
- move a spa

* Ryan Loos just realised he's agree to do a few more favours some time in the near future.
* Ryan Loos tells Jordan he may as well do his maths. :<
* Jordan L. says great! Here you go: http://www.mathsmadeeasy.myzen.co.uk/wor...rk-3-1.jpg

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