/me thread
* Ryan Loos says "It's 1:30 (am) here in just over 20 minutes." Toungue
* Ryan Loos needs to stop posting in here so much.
* Euan T thinks it's good that Ryan is posting more

* Euan T just got his specified thread doesn't exist error on this thread Sad
* Ryan Loos giggles

* Ryan Loos says bugs are odd, especially ones that aren't consistent.
* Ryan Loos pokes Nathan to find the answers
* Ryan Loos loves making people laugh Smile
* Tom K. wonders if anyone here likes rabbits:

[Image: FPxCt.jpg]
* Euan T states his brother has two pet rabbits
* Euan T wonders if this one is Tom's pet or from his work?
* Tom K. states he sold it at work last week Smile
* Tom K. had a rabbit, but it died
* Tom K. knows euan's brother has a rabbit (or seemingly 2) because he comes to Tom K.'s work to buy food and other essentials Smile
* Ryan Loos used to have a rabbit until his stupid dog killed it.
* Ryan Loos now loves his cat, even if she is a silly noob. :>
* Tom K. likes cats too
* Tom K. has dogs though, that don't like cats

* Tom K. states this is one of his girlfriend's cats, Monica:
[Image: 0iEMx.jpg]
* Euan T states his brother has had them for a while
* Euan T personally isn't a fan because they smell awful

* Euan T prefers dogs to cats
* Euan T has two dogs who both dislike cats too

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