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* Josh H. had four teeth pulled today.
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(2012-11-29, 09:01 PM)Lo. Wrote: * Lo. says it's the same line.

* Lo. also wants to know about hosted forum hosting solutions. (Forum system not important. I need to be able to setup my own domain.)

* Alex Smith wonders what's the same line.

* Alex Smith says they all suck!

* Alex Smith will give you space and a database on his hosting if you need it Toungue.
* Jovan J. says hello to Imad.

(2012-11-30, 02:25 AM)Josh H. Wrote: * Josh H. had four teeth pulled today.

* Jovan J. says "AAAAAAAA".
* Jovan J. says he is afraid of dendist Sad
Jovan J.
(2012-11-29, 05:52 AM)Alex Smith Wrote:
(2012-11-28, 09:14 PM)Lo. Wrote: * Lo. has problems.

* Lo. would be banned for asking them here.

* Lo. finds that ironic.

* Alex Smith is not surprised since he has much experience with Marks problems Toungue.

* Tom K. concurres
* Euan T loves fridays
* Euan T is back at home and just had an amazing pork and stuffing sandwich from his favourite takeaway
* Tom K. is on a train going to visit his girlfriend Smile
* Alex Smith thinks Tom needs to pick up reading or something if he posts on /me while on a train.
* Nathan Malcolm slaps Tom K. around a bit with a large trout.

* Nathan Malcolm wonders how much bandwidth he can use before his provider starts to cry.

No longer involved in the MyBB project.
* Alex Smith thinks it depends of the provider and the level service you have with them.

* Alex Smith says in other words he can't even guess without more info.
* Euan T wonders what kind of site Nathan is running using that kind of bandwidth...

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