/me thread
* Tim B. doesn't know what you're talking about?!

[Image: You-Didnt-See-Anything-Madagascar.gif]
* Euan T is trying to work out which table that dump came from
* Euan T guesses it must be the bans table or soemthing
* Imad Jomaa eats the aforementioned watermelon.
* Syzop is working on some themes and coding for his forum site
* JordanMussi awaits the days April Fools.
* faviouz is not enjoying Minecraft's April Fools prank.
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Dennis Tsang
Former MyBB Team Member
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* JordanMussi slaps April Fool (Dennis Tsang) around a bit with a large trout for not using /me.
* JordanMussi requests sane staff check if a delayed moderation has been set... Wink

[Image: g10t1KD.png]
* JordanMussi chuckles. Big Grin
* Euan T is glad to see the MyBB team trying to match past pranks
* Josh H. was hoping for a more substantial prank this year.
* Josh H. says "The Mod CP one was good last year."

* Josh H. didn't see the blog post
* Josh H. laughs
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