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/me thread
* Scoutie44 bought bfbc2 for pc, to see how his pc performs
* Scoutie44 is going to resume downloading tomorrow
* Scoutie44 inb4 90 degrees, as I don't have my cooling stuffs yet
* Scoutie44 is also turning 16 tomorrow
* Scoutie44 is going to write his G1 test tomorrow after school :awsm:
good u
* Jammerx2 says happy early birthday.
* Jammerx2 says it's only 25 minutes early where I am.
* Kolton T. wishes Scoutie a happy birthday. Smile
* Charlie Hadden also wishes Scoutie a happy birthday
Sculpture CMS
I'm just another unicorn.
* faviouz wishes Scoutie44 a happy birthday too.

* faviouz made a cake for Scoutie44:
* Jammerx2 says it looks like that troll face has a unibrow.
* Jammerx2 wishes Scoutie44 a happy birthday now that it actually is his birthday.
(04-21-2011, 09:54 AM)faviouz Wrote: * faviouz made a cake for Scoutie44:

* Scoutie44 LOL

* Scoutie44 says thanks guys Big Grin
good u
* wethegreenpeople freaks out because he didn't know it was scouties burfday

* wethegreenpeople says happy burfday
* Tah Zonemaster is loving MyBB
The Zonemaster
* Scoutie44 went to the examination place, but forgot to bring ID :ffuuu:
* Scoutie44 then had to drive home, get the ID, wait in line for 20 mins, only to be told that 40 mins till closing time wasn't enough FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU-
* Scoutie44 got his heatsink/fan/thermal greas today tho, and it's running 52 celcius on prime95 at 100% Big Grin
* Scoutie44 is raging, but at least there's no moar boiling lol
good u

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