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(2011-08-07, 03:23 PM)Yaldaram Wrote:
(2011-08-06, 01:36 AM)x_Stricken_x Wrote:
(2011-08-06, 12:36 AM)Yaldaram Wrote: * Yaldaram watched a video of a real murder.

* Yaldaram scared seeing it. [Image: verysad.gif]

* Yaldaram wants justice ! [Image: sad.gif]

* x_Stricken_x says Three guys, one hammer? O_o

* Yaldaram states No, it was actually two innocents and lots of murderers.

* x_Stricken_x says "Ahh, I see.."

* x_Stricken_x didn't have the "guts" to watch more than 15 seconds of three guys, one hammer
* x_Stricken_x still feels like a bad person for wanting to see it..
* Tom K. read about it on wikipedia and decided he never wants to watch it Confused
* faviouz is going to bed.
* Tom K. is too after his video finishes uploading to youtube Smile
* faviouz is considering changing his username to Fábio Maia.

* faviouz states that's his name.

* faviouz wonders what others think about it.
* Jordan L. thinks it's more professional.
* Jordan L. says either that or Fabio M.
* Tom K. thinks "Fabio M." is better, as everyone round here seems to use it, and it's easy to remember (EG: Tim B. , Kolton T., Tomm M, Jessie S, Steffan T, and others Smile)
* Kolton T. agrees with Tom
* faviouz thanks everyone for their opinions.

* faviouz will consider.

* faviouz just realized it was him indeed who was constantly un-sticking the thread.

* faviouz punishes himself.
* Tom K. wonders how he did it by accident Toungue

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