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/me thread
* Kolton T. thanks Tom K. Smile
(2011-08-10, 11:13 PM)x_Stricken_x Wrote: * x_Stricken_x wishes he knew of a good, free program for animations

* Alex Smith says look at blender.
* Scoutie44 just had a grilled cheese sammich
good u
* Kolton T. got a new mic which fixed the problem. Smile
* wethegreenpeople got his first vlog up
* wethegreenpeople 's vlog is really pixalated
* wethegreenpeople says that's because he did it on his phone

* wethegreenpeople is wondering if it looks goofy to carry around a handy cam. Or if it looks equally as goofy carrying around a handy cam as it is to carry around a cell phone?
* faviouz just scanned the trollface he drew.

* faviouz links to it:
* Jordan L. likes it.
* Tom K. likes it too Smile

* Tom K. made a new 3D render this morning

* Tom K. also joined google+ Big Grin
* wethegreenpeople wants to obtain Tom K's G+

* wethegreenpeople is tired

* Tom K. wonders if WTGP has G+?

* Tom K. wants to start a new YouTube channel, for all of his 3D work Smile

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