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/me thread
* wethegreenpeople has uploaded his second vlog video
* wethegreenpeople has also uploaded his second comedy video

* wethegreenpeople is happy with response on his vlogs so far
* Kolton T. says his latest support topic forced him to reveal Project Ember Toungue
* Kolton T. congratulates WTGP on his Vlog success
* wethegreenpeople says that Kolton is sad he didn't have a better way to revel Project ember!

* wethegreenpeople says that his vlogs are not a "success" but just, not viewed enough to be a failure xD
* Kolton T. says the majority will find out tomorrow, when he showcases it
* Kolton T. says that's assuming Project Ember passes his final look through tomorrow
* Kolton T. says it all has to be perfect Toungue
* Kolton T. says he'll be all OCD and change like two thousand things first. Toungue
(2011-08-20, 10:04 PM)Aristotle Wrote: * Aristotle didn't get a thread Sad
* faviouz states we forgot because birthdays were removed from the index.

* faviouz wishes Aristotle a happy delayed birthday anyways!
* Jordan L. wished Mark a happy birthday on Facebook. Smile
* faviouz dares someone to print this thread.
* lucasbytegenius finished the Matrix trilogy.
* lucasbytegenius says it was awesome.
* Kolton T. says hi
* Scoutie44 is starting to develop a hatred for fading links/backgrounds when you hover over them
* Scoutie44 thinks they're annoying
good u

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