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/me thread
*Butterball ponders looking out of window on this cold and rainy day
Sup bro
* Jason L. long time no see...again
* Jason L. wonders if there is any space left here for premium content?
* effone happy to see Jason L. back
* effone still waiting for Jason L. to complete a stunning dark theme, mockup of which was posted by him years back ...
PGP fingerprint = 0CB4 140A 2BF2 48E4 6BA8  BB8D C386 35EE EC47 2CD0
* Ben Cousins posts.
* Ben Cousins complains about swift, vapor 3 and the lack of documentation.
* Ben Cousins goes back to rapidly developing a platform in Laravel, to convert over later.
[Image: aJQTgYK.png]
How does Asperger's Network work? Behind Asperger's Network is a behind the scenes look at our inner workings!
* Jason L. asks effone do you remember which one?
* Jason L. still has a lot of his older stuff
* Jason L. whistles click here
* Euan T waves to Jason L
* Jason L. waves back
* Jason L. you made it in the preview
* AtypicalZero is still trying to figure stuff out

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