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On a recommendation of a user from here, I checked out the CMSMS ( and I have to admit I was really impressed.
I am now rolling out my personal website soonish, but I wanted to use MyBB as a forum instead of PunBB or phpBB that seem to be the only ones with a bridge available.

Are there some enterprising people here that would be willing to write this bridge? I would prefer to keep the MyBB user-management intact as it is far more powerful than the 'frontend-user'-thingy available as a module for CMSMS. As far as the backend goes, since this is only a personal website (read amount of contributors very small), I don't mind it if I have to have a separate login for the CMS-part, but the other stuff like comments, guestbook, forum, oscommerce...all that stuff would be nice to have connected with MyBB.

I will request the same the CMSMS -forums.

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sorry for necroposting
but this would be awesome...

just saying~

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