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IS there a Plugin to make entire forum Private & Invite Only?
Is there a plugin or simple method to make an entire MyBB installation completely private to the public unless logged in?
So for example guest group can not see anything except registration/login page?

I'm trying to create an invite only community but I'm not sure how to make a landing page forced on guest group.

I'm simply asking how others have done this with MyBB.. not necessarily a plugin related question.
default mybb allows for permission settings
People are confused with the options of permissions for "Private forums" in MyBB 1.6 . This small guide will walk through the easy steps to setup these permissions.

For example, if you want to make a forum as private and restrict "Registered" user group to see only there own threads within that specific forum, then Go to : ACP > Forums and Management > Select Forum > Edit > Permissions > and "Check" and "Un-check" the options below;

Permissions: for Registered User Group
Can view forum? [Checked]
Can view threads within forum? [Checked]
Can only view own threads? [Checked]
Can download attachments? [Checked]

Permissions: for Admin's and Mods
Can view forum? [Checked]
Can view threads within forum? [Checked]
Can only view own threads? [Un-Checked]
Can download attachments? [Checked]

+ Here Admins and Mods are those User Group who can see every one's thread / posts.
+ Here Registered are those User Group who can only there own created threads / posts.
Well I've made this forum private from guest. and I've looked at the invite system plugins but I'm confused if they will allow what I'd want to happen.

I'd like to turn off public registration on the forum in general. Except I'd like private registrations allowed only by invitation links sent via email from any existing member of the forum. I'd also like to allow unlimited invites for members. vBulletin has a few that do this, is there one for MyBB as well?

You can try Invitation System by cfillion here and see if that works for you.

If that doesn't work out and you can actually code plugins a bit then you can maybe take a look at a plugin I worked on for awhile but didn't quite finish called Ultimate Invite System.
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