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Not Solved [Performance] Help me mybb_sessions
Not Solved
Hi, I am having a big issue
I have 130k posts and about 400 users online every hour.

My issue is that while my database is 140MB ish, in a few days it will be 500 and within about 2 weeks it is 3GB. This is causing MASSIVE performance issues

Any idea why the mybb_sessions database is taking up this much space?
Not Solved
You should make sure the Daily Cleanup task is active and you have {$task_image} in your footer template. That task clears out old user sessions.
No longer involved in the MyBB project.
Not Solved
Hmm, both are active

Tried doing this to test and manually running it, still no luck

$cut = TIME_NOW-6;
$db->delete_query("sessions", "uid='0' AND time < '{$cut}'");

Still didn't do anything

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