WIP - Simplicity
Simplicity is my first ever theme, and I hope to be able to complete it soon.

A couple of key points:
  • The "logo". It was originally meant to be a text logo, but that idea didn't work out. I left it up while I worked on some other points of the theme, and as soon as I upload my temporary logo, it will be gone.
  • The buttons. I know that the Report button is different, it's meant to be. They're not the best design ever, but they're the best I could devise.
  • Yes, I am aware the Registration Page is weird. I'm working on improving it, skipping the agreement, and/or making it modal.

A live demonstration of Simplicity is available here (link will remain up until homepage is improved and screenies are taken).

Key Features:
  • Inspired by brad-t's MyBB Humanization Project - so that's why it's called "Simplicity".
  • Has jQuery included, and utilizes this in several places - modal login, dropdowns, category descriptions on hover, etc.
  • Mod CP and Admin CP dropdown features links to places inside their CP's, like Styling and IP Lookup.
  • No footer bar, that information is contained in a dropdown - members can see them if they want to.
  • Minimal images for more optimized performance.

Bear in mind this is my first theme, and is a WIP, so it's not fully done yet. Smile
Please don't PM me for support. Smile
Any screenshots yet?
[Image: be811790.gif]
(2012-07-28, 02:37 PM)Drunken Bartender Wrote: Any screenshots yet?

Agreed, [Image: 76883d1318553287-plus-size-sports-riding...t_pics.gif]
He linked to a demo in the first post. xP

But way too simple in my opinion. You're still basically using the original style, there are just some small improvements to it. x.x
(2012-07-28, 05:19 PM)Eric J. Wrote: He linked to a demo in the first post. xP

I noticed that when it was posted, but I thought the theme wasn't set as default. The only difference I noticed were the buttons and header.
Yeah, I've been busy so I haven't worked on it as much as I would've liked.
Please don't PM me for support. Smile
I don't see what you've taken from my project here at all, to be honest. Maybe it was too soon for you to post this.
Mods please lock this thread - I am no longer developing Simplicity.
Please don't PM me for support. Smile
OMG, never knew that there was another developer, developing a theme with same name. xD..
I hope you won't mind if I release this one. Here mine.
I don't mind. As I said above, I'm no longer developing it.
Please don't PM me for support. Smile

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