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Dark PSD Template
Selling this dark PSD theme template.

Sleek, simple, great for gaming forums. If you know someone who knows how to code, you can make this into a beautiful theme, especially with some jQuery Effects.

Selling 1 copy only. Payment only via Paypal. First first to pay gets it.

Price: 15$ USD

Nice theme. If someone buys it i'd be happy to code it for a reasonable fee.
Wow, someone needs to buy this and get it coded, this is a fantastic theme.
pm me I would like to buy it
(2012-07-29, 01:57 AM)darkmotives Wrote: pm me I would like to buy it

PM'd you!
Anyone bought it yet?
That's amazing, if I hadn't spent my money on a theme already I would have snapped it up!
Oh wow... This would be a great start to my visioned theme.
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