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[For 1.8] MySubscriptions - Paid Usergroup Subscriptions (Paypal IPN)
(2012-08-03, 05:08 PM)Monaco Wrote: If this plugin works out, I would pay for that feature.

I mostly just need the motivation. I'm working on around 4 projects right now, and I've been jumping between them like nuts. Don't worry about any payments, I might do it over the weekend.
I develop plugins.
The idea behind this plugin is so great- It encourages and make it easy for people to pay to support the forum. Part of that process lacking here is the reminder, which would be a powerful thing in recapturing some of the people who let their subscriptions lapse.

I guess the trick would be how to handle the payment and renewal if they renew before it actually ends, or if they let it end then renew. (Well, that last one might not be so hard as you just start it over anew.)

I am currently testing the plugin with 1-day subscription terms to see how it works.
Yea there are a few things that still need to be added. Along with the option to set a reminder, it needs to tell people what subscriptions they currently have and when they expire (was going to add this above the subscriptions on the subscriptions page).

Also, if a member purchases a subscription while it still hasn't expired, it will simply add to the subscription length. They will still get reverted to the usergroup they were in before subscribing, so they'll be fine if they just want to add to their subscription length.

Those are the primary three things I think I need to add to it.

Let me know how it goes, by the way. I did test the subscriptions expiring (manually decreased the expiration time and waited for the tasks system to update their rank), but it hasn't been tested on a large scale yet, as far as I know. If you encounter any issues or have any requests, feel free to let me know on this thread or PM.
I develop plugins.
Thank you! My test will conclude (with a single test member) around noon tomorrow.
How do you configure the paypal ipn - looked every where for it
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
In the profile, you can.
Sorry, where?
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
1. Click Profile on the My Account tab.
2. Click Instant Payment Notification Preferences in the Selling Preferences column.
Is this for paypal I mean configuring the misc.php?action=papal_ipn like stated in the plugin info (first post in this thread)
when enabling this, it made my forum icons stop working (where you can click the icon and mark the forum as read) as well as the [get more] link for the smilies.

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