Not Solved Fixing "Cerulean" Theme - How Tos?
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Okay, so I recently downloaded a good theme for my forum located here:

Its called "Cerulean" and it doesnt look that bad so far for my needs. There is, however, quite a few problems that I need help with.

First of all, when I or any other member makes a new thread, the textbox to write the thread overlaps and covers an option, as shown here:
[Image: DkdcU.png]

This also happen in the PM system to:
[Image: gRQca.png]

Also, when viewing the forum, the subforums description tends to get pushed down as shown here:
[Image: bom2b.png]

Another problem is that some parts of the forum have hard to see text as shown here:
[Image: PW4Ev.png]

Also, when a user posts a quote or quotes another member, it can sometimes look hard to see:
[Image: OXw4U.png]

I dont know how to edit these is the problem and im scared messing up the whole theme. Any help?
Not Solved for the first one. for the quote box issue.
Not Solved
(2012-08-01, 10:35 AM)Yaldaram Wrote: for the first one. for the quote box issue.

The first link worked (for the box issue) but the quote box still doesnt work. Nothing changed. Any more of a visual guide?

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