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The Elder Scrolls Online Forum
Thanks for the post!

I actually haven't gotten around to changing out the editor buttons yet - to be honest, I've never touched the editor in that regard before, and I'll need to search around for how to do it.

As for the background image, it's intentional, but it should be 1 large image - there should be a hill-like picture on the right side of the screen.
Theme is so sexy... Good work on this. Best of luck to you!

[Image: CP4PC12.png]

I don't see anything, but it might just be me.
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Possibly the crazy caching that Chrome does.

Anyway, small update: Since a few people said the theme was cramped, I widened it up some. I also changed out the ugly editor toolbar buttons - I really needed to do that, it looks a lot better now.

[Image: editortoolbar.png]

If anything looks funky, refresh the page. I looked on Chrome, and yeah, it seems to be caching a couple of the images.
Good theme, it also works well on tablets. I think you should change the off topic forum name from Just Nonsense to something better like The Lounge, or The Cafe, or Everything Else.
[Image: 76561198094087316.png]
Hey Mebes, thank you for the suggestion. I was thinking the same thing just today, and it will likely be changed soon. I may be adding 1 additional section to the off topic category as well.
You can decide whether or not this is appropriate but I was thinking you add a subtle countdown till the release date somewhere (maybe in the footer).
[Image: 76561198094087316.png]
It's definitely appropriate and I'll be adding a countdown timer in the future. I would add it now, but nobody knows when the game will be released as of yet. Once we get that information, I'll find a unique way to display a countdown timer, and have it linked to a countdown topic.
The changed width looks a lot better as it is less cramped. The only other thing I might tweak is the active link - and maybe even the body text - to something like #afafaf - a little less contrasting and in your face.
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I think it would be nice if the entire stat bar linked to the stats. No matter where you mouse over, it brightens up, but you need click in a very specific spot to see the full stats page.
The JRPG Club: Video game reviews, resources and discussion for Japanese learners.

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