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Are you a forum designer? Something for you!
In Forum Assists's goal to change forums for the better we must first make our own site better. One of the new features we hope to add in the next version will be a marketplace for themes. So we are looking for designers that have experience in designing and coding forum themes for all software. The big question you may be thinking is, what about payment? We are very fair. You as the designer get ninety percent of the money from themes if they cost under thirty dollars and if they cost over that you get ninety five percent which is an amazing deal, the only thing we do want a big percent of is fifty percent of copyright removal if the client chooses to buy this however you choose if you want copyright removal to be sold on your theme. We will need themes for all software but don't worry if you can only design for one software we still want you on the team. We would appreciate it if you made one or two free themes during your time as staff. It is your choice if you wish to take on custom themes as well. Back to payment, we pay via paypal and you get paid quarterly(every 3 months). Furthermore the price of the theme is decided by the whole team to make sure a fair but profitable price is added. If your interested send me a PM with some of your previous work.

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