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Not Solved [Error Message] My members cant active there acount
Not Solved
hi guys i was checking if my register work or no
i see when i regist then i go to my mail to active it
i see only message say

Username: (username)

Thank you,

Spam Filtered (11103951)

without link to active it
or without a random password
i dont know why please i want help

please i need a help
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Not Solved
how to deactivate the email activation
ACP > Configuration > User Registration and Profile Options > Registration Method > instant activation
how to fix your problem
you got any plugins about spam installed ?
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Not Solved
no i dont have

i have a plugin name no alts user can only make one account
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Not Solved
please give me a list of all the plugins you got.
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Not Solved
A clear news bar (1.0)
Shows a clear bar with latest news from your portal page.
Created by Mateusz Grzesiukiewicz Activate
Advanced Quick Reply Form (1.0.3)
This plugin adds the MyCode Editor and the Smilie Inserter to the Quick Reply form.
Created by Phenomenon Deactivate Uninstall
Akismet (1.2.1)
Akismet is a program that helps prevent SPAM on your forum.
Created by MyBB Group Activate Uninstall
Announcement (2.3)
Manage your own Announcements
Created by Jones Deactivate Uninstall
Donation Page (2.1)
Sets up a page where your users can donate to your PayPal account.
Created by MyBBWebHost Deactivate
Downloads (2.0.1)
File Downloads.
Created by Edson Ordaz Deactivate Uninstall
Usergroup Legend (3.0)
Show a legend of your selected usergroups. (on footer)
Created by Surdeanu Mihai Deactivate
Hello World! (1.0)
A sample plugin that prints hello world and prepends the content of each post to 'Hello world!'
Created by MyBB Group Activate
Karma Stars (1.0)
Earn 'karma' and collect stars for posting.
Created by MattRogowski Deactivate Uninstall
MyShoutbox (1.7)
A powerful AJAX shoutbox for MyBB.
Created by Pirata Nervo Deactivate Uninstall
MyTabs (1.32)
Lets you implement tabbed browsing in your forum.
Created by Ethan Deactivate
MyTube (1.0)
Show a youtube video in a member's profile.
Created by euantor Deactivate
No Alts (1.0)
Stops users from registering when they have done so already.
Created by Pyridine Activate
Youtube Plugin (1.0)
Hostpro's YouTube Plugin
Created by Hostpro Deactivate
Profile Blogs (1.1)
User can write entries in his profile page like on a blog.
Created by Filip Klar Deactivate Uninstall
Registration Security Question (1.2)
[Manage Questions]
Adds a randomly selected security question on registration page.

Created by - G33K - Deactivate Uninstall
Side bar for mybb (1.0)
This plugin will add a side bar in your index page
Created by sunjava1 Activate
Sidebox (1.2.0)
Display portal boxes on your forum
Created by Nayar Activate
Snowstorm (1.2)
Let it snow!
Created by Sebastian Wunderlich Deactivate
Social Sites (
Add which social sites you're a member of so you can find eachother on social networking sites.
Created by MattRogowski Activate Uninstall
Usermap (1.1.2)
Makes a usermap system.
Created by Paretje Install & Activate
Welcome PM/Email (1.1)
[Configure Settings]
Sends a PM/Email to new users welcoming them to the forum.
Created by - G33K - Deactivate
yAnnouncement Pro (1.0)
Show announcement in forum index with category style
Created by NoFear
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Not Solved
hmm it seem that it is not a problem with the plugins
give me couple of min to think and i will reply
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Not Solved
ok but please fast
MyBB From My Beautiful Board Heart
Not Solved
Disable it and install registrations security questions.
Not Solved
I had the same problem with one of my sites, I had to restart. Anyway, you really don't need all them plugins, most of that can be done by coding. I think adding hundreds of plugins is pointless and if you come by an error, you have no clue what plugin is causing it. (like you have right now.)
Not Solved
In fact i am thinking i use 3 option to solve the problem
1-is instant activation
2-Download plugin no alts (this block user from register again if he have already 1 account)
3-Configuration > User Registration and Profile Options > Maximum Registrations Per IP Address i set it 1
and i make even if he set an fake email he cant register again

But i still need a help i will be thankful who will solve it to me and tell me how to fix it and my member can active their account by their email

Thats mean no solved yet.
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