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[Paid] MyBB, Plugin and Themes Installation and Optimization
Hi, I have a couple of blogs and would like to add forums to them. I need someone to help me with these tasks:

a) Install 3 (three) mybb forums on subdomains. The blogs are hosted by google blogger, and the domains are hosted by namecheap (it´s where i intent to host the forums too). It is only possible to use subdomains for the forums (example:, not

b) The set up will be the same for the 3 forums, except for the themes. I believe I will need these features:
b.1) a good seo plugin that adds words to the url
b.2) mybb portuguese language pack (brazilian portuguese, if possible)
b.3) facebook login integration
b.4) a plugin that will allow me to add adsense ads in the future.
b.5) whatever other plugin you find useful or necessary. I came across this list but I can´t judge it:
b.6) optimization for the forum to load as fast as possible.

c) One the basic setup is accomplished - it will be the same for the 3 forums - I will need to install three different free themes. I didn´t choose the themes yet, and if you have good taste to help me in choosing, that will be great.

Please send me a PM with your pricing.

Thanks a lot.
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Sent you a PM.

I can do this, and I would like you to PM me with an offer if possible.

Best Regards,
If you still need any help with this after their offers, I'll be glad to help you where you need it. Smile
Just drop me a PM.
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