Not Solved Change colour of reply/quick reply box? [Resolved, shows solution]
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G'day all,

modifying the default theme, and want to change the colour of the "messageEditor" box (not the text area, the background) to match the trow colours (trow1=trow2) (ie change the grey to the blue).

[Image: Image%202012-08-10%20at%2010.24.38%20AM.png]

Any suggestions, it's got me beaten at the moment.

(Frustrating note: the box on here is blue, with the surrounds grey! #irony.)
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OK, worked this out.

The stylesheet for the "messageEditor" is at:


and just change the colour values at the top of the stylesheet and you're done!

Looks much nicer.
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EDIT: ugh, tabs owned me. XD

[Image: CP4PC12.png]


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