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Not Solved Interesting merge problem, impacting counts
Not Solved
So..I merged a MYBB board to another MYBB board with a new domain.

That was a success....

However, I did a few test runs...and each time I simply deleted forums and started again (if I didn't it would create duplicate forums).

So forum looks great, works great....all is well.....EXCEPT.....the counts of posts per user and threads, about 5 times what it should be.

I suspect this is because while I deleted the forums..the data stil exists (and this is where the recoun & rebuild pulls from.

SO...what do I do? I know when I merged most there a way to delete the old data from the database by timestamp?

Any help is appreciated.
Not Solved
Anyone have any ideas?
Not Solved
Have you tried running the recount and rebuild tools via the ACP? ACP > Tools & Maintenance > Recount & Rebuild > Recount User Post Counts

EDIT: Also, moved to Merge System support.
Not Solved
I did...but I think because I merged a few times (to test) and simply deleted forums..the posts exists in the database. I need a way to delete them off the database....

Also, thanks for moving the thread.
Not Solved
Hm. Have you ran all the recount tools? IIRC, posts are deleted alongside forums though I may be completely wrong. If not, the only way I can think of sorting the issue is to delete posts manually via phpmyadmin - I'll try throw together an SQL query if the above doesn't help to find posts in invalid threads/forums if possible.
Not Solved
Wasn't able it possible to get a plugin that finds dupe threads, and deletes one? The URL was the same, but it added a 5 digit number to the end of the URL on the duplicate....

Gets more interesting....when I search old see the duplicates in the search results and can visit both threads (that are dupes)....but...when I pull it up in MyPHP....I only see one when I search for keywords that match the subject of the thread. Any ideas?
Not Solved
One more bit here. If I respond to the posts that were from the orginal wont see them on if there are 2 boards. How do I get rid of the old posts..and the 'phantom' posts?

Not Solved
Anyone able to help?
Not Solved
how did you delete the extra forums? deleting a forum from the ACP forum management deletes all the threads and posts.
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Not Solved
(2012-10-10, 01:40 PM)pavemen Wrote: how did you delete the extra forums? deleting a forum from the ACP forum management deletes all the threads and posts.

That's how I did it....and for some reason...some must remain I suppose.

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