Implementing a Collapsible Footer
I changed it per your points, effone. It doesn't show up when I first load the page, but clicking on where it's meant to be brings it up. But I can live with that.
Please don't PM me for support. Smile
On the first load the image icon does set from CSS. On clicking the image icon loads from script.
Make sure you have edited the CSS properly.

On the other note, some people stated that when they expand the footer, the alternate down arrow image appears late for the first time. That is because after expanding the footer the down image download request is called. To solve that, you can just cache the button images at page load for appearing faster.

var footCollapse = new Image();
footCollapse.src = "images/footerdn.png";

(2012-09-11, 02:02 PM)ProVirus Wrote: Scheduled Tasks wont run using your codes and the debug info also won't be displayed to the admins.

You need to add this to your OP:
<div id="debug"><debugstuff></div>
<br class="clear" />
<!-- The following piece of code allows MyBB to run scheduled tasks. DO NOT REMOVE -->{$task_image}<!-- End task image code -->

The scheduled task call is there, if you have scrolled down the provided code and noticed properly.

For debug thing I've removed it permanently intentionally as I feel that a little awkward. You can always put it back if you want and if you can find a suitable place for that.

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