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Hi all,

is there a way to disable the quote replies? Setting, mod, plugin, I don't care which way, as long as it works.

What I want:

Ideally, I would like it if a user clicks the small "reply" button which you can find underneath every single post, that the exact same thing happens as if they would click the large "NEW reply" button at the bottom of each screen/page: A reply window opens WITHOUT any quotations from previous posts being placed in the text box.


Most users just click the little "reply" button because they don't have to scroll down all the way to find the "New reply" button, and because they are too lazy to delete the quote from their message - which in most cases adds no value - that results in unnecessarily cluttered and hard to read threads.

So, how can I disable quoting?

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You can change the link in the template to call the new reply without quote.

In your postbit_quote template

<a href="newreply.php?tid={$tid}"><img src="{$theme['imglangdir']}/postbit_quote.gif" alt="{$lang->postbit_quote}" title="{$lang->postbit_quote}" /></a>
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Cool, thanks!! Will try that out.


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