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Project - AIOForums
Hello guys. Today I am going to be offering my project -

Important Information:

  • Forum has been opened since May 05, 2012 but closed many times. It has been open straight for 10 days.
  • Not very good statistics since it's new.
  • Registered with NameCheap. Expires sometime in July.
  • If you decide to purchase, I will transfer it to your NameCheap account.
  • I will go first to trusted members though IDK how that applies on MyBB Community Foums o_o

If you want, take a look and tell me how you feel.

Theme information:

Theme was bought at with full transaction. Theme is not ripped/stolen.

You will receive the database and backup files. Just change /inc/config.php MySQL info, if you do not know how to do that then you shouldn't be interested.

It also has a custom editor that I paid for. If you want, please sign up and look through the forum. You will get the theme files, favicon, etc.
The theme reminds me of that on
[Image: kAhpvOW.png]
(08-21-2012, 11:51 PM)bcousins Wrote: The theme reminds me of that on

My theme is totally different from that.

Navigation bar

I really don't see the resemblance except red and they aren't even the same red Confused
I'm just pointing it out - Don't bite my head off.
[Image: kAhpvOW.png]

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