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(2012-08-22, 05:30 PM)brad-t Wrote: It really annoys me that you don't user the proper capitalization of MyBB anywhere.
Well i think its not much essential and doesn't have sense in here to make a post on it as this is a show-case section,but thanks for reminding.May be i will give a try in future posts.
[Image: mnvhXxj.png]
(2012-08-22, 04:31 PM)envira Wrote: Thank you for your kind comments which i expect from your signature.

That makes loads of sense Rolleyes. Oh wait, no it doesn't..
(2012-08-22, 05:30 PM)brad-t Wrote: It really annoys me that you don't user the proper capitalization of MyBB anywhere.

Honestly if you need to follow rules it would be

My B.B. with two dots and a space, and if its a name then it should only contain one capital letter [Mybb] (dutch grammar rules no clue if it is the same for english / american and neither do i care). Anybody can write it like they wish i dont see why capitalization has anything to do with a topic in a showcase forum.
No, those aren't the rules. The official spelling is MyBB. It is what is used on this site and on all official materials. You can't apply grammar rules that way to a branded name.

Envira, it makes total sense here. It looks very unprofessional that you cannot even write properly the name of the software for which you are making software. If such a glaring detail like that can get past you, how can I trust your level of detail when developing themes?

You should get a copywriter for your site. There is a lot of basic English problems there.
(2012-08-22, 07:27 PM)brad-t Wrote: There is a lot of basic English problems there.

Then lets just start from you. It is not " There is " but " There are ".
[Image: mnvhXxj.png]
Tough I agree it should be "are", he is no trying to sell you anything Envira, you on the other hand are. You should be worried about how clear you communicate with your clients, no about how they communicate with you.
You're correct; that's an error on my part (there are some other mistakes in that post as well). However, I am not sure how this helps you or invalidates my comment.
Envira, there are so many grammar errors on your site that I lost count on the home page. Instead of trying to prove your grammar is good by trying to prove Brad's is bad (and by the way, you made another grammar mistake while pointing out his) why don't you take the criticism and put some effort into fixing your own site. If you claim to be professional, be professional. No one wants to give their money to someone that types like a child. If English isn't your first language, hire someone to fix it for you.

Also, this isn't necessarily related to the site, but one thing I've never liked about your themes (which are usually quite good) is the incredibly huge copyright logo that you stamp on some of them. It just screams "remove me without permission."
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A thousand times that ^^
So there are some issues, some small, some very big.

[Image: uC1CE.png]

This is a big issue, and actually implies to me that you did not design this yourself, which is bad news for a theme designer ...

[Image: QgLKS.png]

Definitely needs to be spacing between these buttons. When I click "Go Shopping", I'm brought to a "No Permissions" page ... do I have to be logged in to shop or something?

Also, clicking Request a Custom Theme gives me this:

[Image: gbO9T.png]

Really not professional. If I make a thread here, will only you and I be able to see it, or others as well? As a potential client I have no idea, and making that request via a typical forum layout makes me uncomfortable. You should at least use xThreads to customize some kind of content form if you insist on using MyBB to receive the request.

[Image: srIvm.png]

You have tooltips everywhere -- which is obnoxious enough -- but sometimes the tooltip is a repeat of the text I am already hovering, which makes this a 100% useless detail. (Also, hovering over the Home icon here causes some pretty wonky animation.)

These aren't all of the issues, I am sure. I was able to discover these in a cursory examination, so if I kept digging I am sure I could find more. There's also the fact that the forum just doesn't look that great or polished IMO, which is problematic when you are selling themes.

Hope some of this is useful for you.

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