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(2012-08-28, 10:41 PM)ProVirus Wrote: envira you have been using "we" consistently, so do you have a group of designers or its just you running the show?

It's normal to do this even as a singular person if you are representing a business that is not presented as a single freelancer.
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
(2012-08-29, 01:53 AM)Jitendra M Wrote: Just for info ...avast is blocking 83% of your site as malicious url

Wishing you good luck with this envira bro. Smile
[Image: darkmew.png]

Feel free to PM me if you have any issues with the community. Big Grin
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Envira, you are a great developer mate Smile
I'm not going to cover this up with tinsel as the design is a bit of a mess tbf. The logo is too big and has not been worked into the design at all, the font choice is poor, the breadcrumb is too large and clearly has left you making everything else larger...I think I will stop listing things atm as I would defiantly recommend a redesign and start from the ground up and not just copy and paste elements from other designs as it doesn't flow at all.
Thanks for feedback guys.
We have updated the Forum theme,more changes coming to other page elements.
Thank you,
[Image: mnvhXxj.png]
I have sent you PM respond back thanks.
I am back into designing, after my long break.
We are going to release some pretty stuff,designed by our designer Pirate_dominic and Me.
Come check us out now, drop in your requests.
Check this link :
[Image: mnvhXxj.png]
I am using a theme designed by Envira. Thank you for the great design.
Founder of Indian Christian Forum

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