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Solved: 8 Years, 3 Weeks ago Delete button+inline moderation not working
Solved: 8 Years, 3 Weeks ago
So basically the delete button isn't showing up. I KNOW it's there, but with my skin I must have deleted something. I realized a bit after that that my inline moderation doesn't work as well (the number of things I select doesn't go up when I select things). I posted in private inquiries, but no reply yet, so I figured I'd try here again.

I do know it's not a bug and is something I deleted from my templates because I switched back to the default style and it came back and the inline mod works. I cannot set it to default because the site has some really heavy editing (I've spent countless hours working on it so far, to have to start over again would be hell).

Basically I was wanting to know if someone could either offer their help or tell me what I did wrong and what template I should set back to default. Even suggestions would be awesome, because, frankly, I'm a little lost. This is my learning-site so I can learn some mybb coding.

EDIT: Also I know it's not the postbit page, seeing as I set that to default and the delete button is still missing.

EDIT2: ALSSOOO it's not the plugins. I deactivated them and still no-show/work. Just... if that helps xD
Solved: 8 Years, 3 Weeks ago
First question - do you use classic or new post bit style? If you use classic (avatar and info on the left side of post), then you should check postbit_classic template not postbit. Smile
Solved: 8 Years, 3 Weeks ago
I use a new postbit style, one that I edited myself so it looks... nicer, I guess you could say?

UPDATE!! I fixed the inline moderation, but the delete button (I say delete button, I mean the quickdelete) isn't working. SILLYME.
Solved: 8 Years, 3 Weeks ago
Could you provide link to your board? I'm quite sure the delete button is just a template edit you need to make, I just need to be sure what template to edit. Smile
Solved: 8 Years, 3 Weeks ago
I fixed it! I just didn't have anything in the postbit_quickdelete.
Hah, thanks for your help anyways, though Smile
Solved: 8 Years, 3 Weeks ago
No problem, glad you were able to solve it! Smile
Solved: 8 Years, 3 Weeks ago
[deleted] posted this in the wrong thread. sorry.

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