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Not Solved [How To?] Use some specific mycode in [CODE] boxes
Not Solved
Hello everyone,

I am setting up a MyBB computer support forum and need a hand. I would give a board URL but it it currently in testing stages for allowed beta testers only. If a test account is required, I'll PM the necessary details.

My forum is dedicated to BSOD troubleshooting and analysis and we need to regularly paste information into CODE boxes. Inside the CODE boxes, I need specific Mycode to appear. I would like bold and colour to work inside CODE boxes. Normally mycode isn't parsed inside the CODE boxes but I would like the bold and colour to be parsed but nothing else. Is this possible to do? I have thought about modifying the "class_parser.php" file but I can't work out what I need to change. If someone could tell me or give me some code to replace, I would be very grateful.

Thanks in advance,
Not Solved
It is not possible to what you want. Of course, you could modify class_parser.php but it's not as easy as you think really.
Not Solved
Ok, thank you. That is a great shame, it would have made life a lot easier if we could do that. Is there not even some kind of workaround to get a similar thing to what I want?

If anyone else has any more ideas or workarounds, please post them. Thank you

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