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Not Solved [How To?] Turn off some features: post icon, etc.
Not Solved

I'm experimenting with myBB to find out if it's the right software package for my group.

There are a few things I'd like to turn off, since they seem 'cluttered' to me and they aren't necessary for our social group.

Specifically, I'd like to turn off:
  • Post icons
  • Number of posts a user has made
  • Warning level (I don't want warnings at all)
  • User level (Newbie, etc.)--I don't want those displayed
  • Ability to disable smilies (not as important to me as the others)

I haven't created a non-admin user to see if "Close thread" and "Stick thread" are only admin options.

We'd be moving from the old fashioned Yahoo! group--and I don't think our group will want these features.

Not Solved
1- [Tutorial] How to completely remove post icons
Not Solved
AdminCP -> Configuration -> Settings -> Warning System Settings -> Enable Warning System? set to No

User Level:
AdminCP -> Users & Groups -> User Titles -> Delete all of them
I am not sure how you can turn off the custom user titles.

AdminCP -> Configuration -> Smilies -> Mass Edit -> Select the box on the far right for all of the smiles (in other words delete all)

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