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Not Solved Url problem when converting SMS 1.1 to MyBB
Not Solved

I wanna convert SMF 1.1.16 to MyBB and I tested the whole procedure.

First big problem are the urls. SMF URls are domain/subforum/thread-t12345.0.html So I activated google SEO plugin on MyBB and tried "include parent forum in thread URLs?" {parent}/{url}. I got perfect url on page 1 (domain/subforum/thread) of every thrad, but page 2 and following pages is showing domain/subforum/subforum/thread). What to do?

Has anybody experience converting SMF 1.1 to MyBB and solved this problem?

Thx a lot for your reply,

Not Solved
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Because MyBB uses relative URLs, you'll have to use a <base> tag in the header for directory URLs. This should be mentioned in the documentation somewhere.

Is this actually the URL style you would like to have using MyBB, or are you trying to emulate SMF URLs? The latter won't work - you will have to use redirects for your old URL style if you want to keep URLs working.

As for redirecting old URLs after conversion, I posted a solution here - in this case it's for phpBB but the principle is the same for SMF
Not Solved
Thx very much for your reply. I will test it and report here again.

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