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[Forum hacked] redirect to .ru pages
frmo this morning, my forum as the following problem, in the forum it's signaled by antivirus that there's a malware to or offeeemedic

when i access in the admin cp, and try to activate a new user, i redirect me directly to those websites (but my AV block the redirect).

Please help me.
can you provide the link that you are getting redirected to ?
what your anti virus says(phising page) ?
what is the action you do to get redirected ? (explain more)
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ty illusionalp

when i try to activate a user i redirect me here

my antivirus block the page, because it's a phising page

some users tell me that their antivirus signal that tere's a malware in the forum when they access.
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
A spam bot on your forum has that site on their profile or they posted somewhere on your forum.
try to active different users this won't happen it is just couple of spam bots when you try to activate them they redirect you there here is some tips how to get rid of them
2-ACP>Configuration>User Registrations & Profile Option>Maximum Registrations Per IP>set to 1
3-this plugin will delete any threads/posts that the bot has created
4- it will check the database if the username exist there
5- it will stop the bots from regiserting throw some isp/ips
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but i redirects me also if i try to navigate through my admin cp pages...
weird i don't think that you trust me enough to give me access so pm the support team Smile
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Do you use the FB connect plugin?
-Paul H.

Cogisne lingua latina?
i 've very few plugins, about fb not the login i think but one to share.

I check the plugins all seems to be ok, but now the problem is very big, but quite all in the admin cp.

When i access to the admin cp, i cannot do anything, if i try to navigate through the different pages of the admin cps i'm redirect always to this two viagras website. No way to do something in the admin. (link at the forum)
What's in your .htaccess file in both the mybb root directory and /admin?

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