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Thanks, I fixed that yesterday but rolled back the settings and forgot to apply the new keys.
Edit: should work fine now!
(05-09-2014, 12:57 PM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: Woot, after 4 days I managed to get them to accept one of my calls! They say they'll call me back later...

[Image: VoINd1b.gif]
That's how I am feeling yeap. I'll call them in 30 mins if they don't call me back before then.
Ouch. Mind if I ask who you were/are with? That's some awful customer service.
#85 which now redirects to which is part of which is part of the same group

Basically the only phone working is the one at vividWire. Already called twice today and they said they'd call me back the two times. I asked them to call before the weekend so...not much time left.

The owner is a connection of mine at LinkedIn so I've already sent him a PM - let's see if I get any replies anytime soon. I've got his phone number already which I'll call later today if no one contacts me first.
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
You should update the links in your thread & title.
It is supposed to be temporary hence why I haven't updated them (yet; and hopefully never) Smile
I used to be an LDNI customer too (ImmediateVPS used to be owned by them IIRC) and they were pretty good when I was with them. Sad to hear that they seem to have gone down hill from then.
They've gone downhill so fast that I doubt they're still alive.
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Your theme is pretty nice, perfectly made for the 'eyes'.

However, your header design doesn't match your footer design.
Your footer should also dock the browser page, just as your header.

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