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Thank you for your suggestion Smile
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(2014-05-09, 04:13 PM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: They've gone downhill so fast that I doubt they're still alive.

Yeah, I remember when TheForumForge was around and it ended up going the same way after being bought out. Went from being a pretty great host to being stuck on slow, overcrowded servers with abysmal support.
Yeah I just don't think they have been bought this time. I moved from TheForumForge because of that but we were informed of the purchase. This time we weren't informed of anything so I don't know...
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Ah, that's not a great sign. I just checked and it looks like Immediate VPS has disappeared entirely. It's a shame, they were one of my go-to hosts for a VPS. Nowadays I tend to stick to NimbusHosting, Linode or DigitalOcean.
Yeah well I'll just wait for now.
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OVH offers a killer VPS deal. 1 GB of RAM for like $2.99 USD, if you're in a European country, you'll be paying VAC too I believe, but it's still a great deal. The CPU on their machines in Canada are mostly 3.1 GHz too, I believe it's similar at all of their locations.
I've already moved hosting, the problem now is the domain only.

According to my (very) deep research they don't seem active anymore (the registrar and host), their WHMCS licence has expired (at the website where I have my billing information) and I've gathered a lot of other information which tells me they no longer care about their customers. I'm not sure what happened, we were never informed and once again, according to my research, there are other customers who don't know anything either and are still waiting for replies to their tickets. best bet now is to see if I can get the domain transferred (I have the EPP code) despite the registrar not being active.

For now we'll continue to use the .net domain.

Apparently, Swift Registrar is a NetEarthOne reseller - I've just send them an e-mail. I've also updated most of the links to the .com domain here in my posts/threads to .net.
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I managed to get in contact with NetEarthOne and they managed to contact my registrar on my behalf! Let's see if they can get the domain up...
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Good luck with that!
Pirata Nervo,

Has your email system/setup been affected also?

I ask because I joined your site but I haven't gotten any validation emails. I've checked my spam box to be certain there was nothing sent there. Then when I went into my User CP and clicked re-send validation email... But it's been a few hours now and again nothing has been sent out. Normally these emails are sent out within 15 minutes...
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