javscript based reputation bar ?
Yeah but that still leaves big forums out of the game. For example, people here have reps over 500s and 1000s (yaldaram, for example)
This method would make them all look same.

level ups sound good. Like every 100 rep levels your bar up

if rep <== 100 then the bar is light green in color
If the rep > 100 then the bar is dark green
If rep > 200 , bar = orange (or something else)
And so on....

sounds pretty doable.
Yeah that's kind of what I was meaning in my last post. Maybe do like, 1-100 as a percentage, then maybe make between 101-200 a blue color, then 201-300 with a glow, really just tons of possibilities. Might even make a cool plugin if there were enough settings offered.
Oh, i guess i didn't read it fully Toungue my bad
I'll start working on it
If you can find a way to get the value of the largest rep on the board, you could do the bar as a percentage of the user's rep compared to the largest rep. That way it'd work no matter what the largest rep is.
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