The current markdown plugin here: is not working with 1.6.8, so I was wondering if anyone could update it?
I used to be a developer on a project with Paradox (outside MyBB), but we had a bit of a falling out.

I can still ask him to update it. Not sure he will be very interested, though.

Edit: I just updated the plugin for you. I updated the setting to MyBB 1.6 and I update to the newest Markdown version (it was using an older version). I'll ask him to upload it. Until then, here is a working copy.

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Thanks for replying; I look forward to a positive response!
poiuyt, I edited my previous post right before you posted. Please look. haha
It doesn't seem to be working; I have uploaded both files to inc/plugins and activated it in the Admin CP Plugins section.
What's not working? Link to your site?

It works fine on my end, and it is very simple. Are you sure you have the markdown syntax right?
I've PMd you the link. Markdown is simply not working, I am using the proper syntax.
I answered your PM buddy. It appears that markdown is actually working.
Thanks a bunch! I must have been doing something wrong Sad
No problem! Though markdown URLs don't really work in MyBB, but that's okay. Because in MyBB, you just paste the url and it makes a link automatically!

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