Ban To Logout
Name: Ban To Logout
Description: If use this plugin you can ban some users or some usergroups to logout
Author: AliReza_Tofighi
Author site:
Version: 1.00
For: Mybb 1.6.X

.zip (Size: 1.27 KB / Downloads: 89)
Don't rudeness intended but, this is basically pointless as users can just clean their cookies (surprisingly, there are already plugins for this as well).
I don't understand why I would not allow people to log out? It's not like I'm trapping them on my board they can just close the window. Secondly, if you use this prepare to be bombarded with messages saying "I CANT LOG OUT! HELP". Also, what if someone was on a public computer on your board? Then you've pretty much screwed them over.
Wait.. you ban users who log out :O
What point would that have? except really piss off people?

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