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BadassForums - Give yourself a name on the web!
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I would like to introduce BadassForums a brand new site about giving users the ability to prove that they are actually badasses of the web. Whether your a hacker, programmer, gfx designer, or even a noob, you can prove that you got what it takes to be named a Badass of the web!

We have various sections on BadassForums where you can battle it out between other members and see who actually has what it takes.

If you don't feel like battling it out you can just hang out on BadassForums and participate in other general discussion section and just chill out with the other badasses.

BadassForums is a brand new site so we would really love it if you just signed up and started posting. Be a part of the site and make sure you refer your friends. Start proving that you have what it takes to be named a Badass.

We are also looking for staff so if your interested please pm me.
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-Paul H.

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