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Looking for a mybb designer.
Hello Everyone,

I am looking for a mybb designer with experience.
The job will be hard, no noobs.

Contact me in pm i'm available to do this
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Still looking for someone, send me a private message with your offer.
More details only in pm.
"The job will be hard." - Can you elaborate? What are you specifically looking for?
We offer customization packages (That come with advanced features by default) at Audentio.

Note the Regular Price + Customization option on each product page. They're all very close to your budget ($55 - $70).
I do custom themes from $70
MyBB Support Technician
Talk to Xige time he does themes for about 45
Niggidea Wrote:I got amazing designs for $50 in the past, and I never mentioned that I wouldn't go higher. I just know that I don't pay almost 6x the price for something similar I got for $50 a while ago.

Can you link to the designs you got in the past? I think that once it is clear what you see as amazing then the designers can give a better quote.
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We design themes at a low price, and I am pretty sure our designers would do it for you at $50. It would not look as awesome as a $500 custom theme, that is.
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by Dukhor, IcyBoards Community Forums
I have designed many custom themes ! if you still looking for mybb designer please feel free to pm me.

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